A day on the lake

November 6th, Weather Warm and Sunny.

We started the day at 10:30 outside the Okyanus restaurant to meet our captain for the day Khan. He speaks very good english and knows the lake and river well.

We headed up river and quickly saw a pair of marsh harriers over the ground to the right as we headed up to the lake. Little grebes were in abundance and cormorants regularly flew across our bows. As we travelled up onto the lake there were many coots in numbers from 50+ to 200+ in various locations along with the little grebes they looked like rafts of birds across the lake.

Little and Great egrets were seen, and as we drifted through a narrow channel on the eastern side of the lake a purple heron took to the air.

Common Kingfisher were common and a number of them were seen all around the lake during the day.

We looked for a white throated kingfisher in an area where it had been previously seen and also heard by myself but it was not in evidence today. Khan our captain informed me that he had seen this bird down towards the fish farms on the Iztuzu beach road but this was a few years ago.

As we left this area a Common Buzzard was seen perched on a log in the lake as we headed back towards Dalyan we hugged the western shoreline where large numbers of Cormorant were seen perched on rocks, these were interspersed with Grey Heron and Little and Great Egret. A lone grey wagtail was seen along the western side and a sparrowhawk landed on an electricity pylon to eat it’s catch.  Although there were not many species of bird seen during our trip the day was still enjoyable.

Khan is available for bird watching trips on 0543 3613952.

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