A good day

We decided to have a quick walk on Iztuzu Beach today, as I left the house I noticed two song thrushes feeding greedily on some berries on a tree near to our front gate. These are the first I have seen over here in Turkey.

We arrived at the beach and disturbed a Common Buzzard that was perched in a tree just as you come off the road onto the car parking area.

We had a stroll along the inside of the beach near to the lake a large number of coot were there and just beyond them around 25-30 Wigeon.

The lone mute swan was still there accompanied by a lone little egret. As we walked along the lake a pair of raptors were spotted across the other side of the lake one hovered and attempted to pick up what looked like a dead fish but dropped it again quite quickly.

We continued along and soon one of the raptors came close and flew over our heads I was pretty sure it was an Osprey but took quite a few photographs of it as it flew above us. Closer inspection of these and a quick post on birdforum.net confirmed that it was indeed an Osprey.

We were at the beach no more than 90 minutes so it was great to see my first ever Osprey and my first ever Wigeon in Turkey.

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