A quick trip to the sewage works

While my better half had her weekly bell dancing class I decided to have a quick trip to the sewage works to see what was about. I didn’t get there till about 11am when the temperature was around the low 30c so wasn’t that hopeful of seeing much,

I parked the car on the main road and walked down the track to the sewage works apart from a few house sparrows and a blackbird all that was about was dragonflies there seemed to be hundreds of them.

I decided not to go into the sewage works as it seemed really busy so retraced my steps and walked down the track to my right. As I approached the rockface in front of me a small bird was flitting about in amongst the low scrub growing on the rocks I managed to bet the bins on it and ID’ed a rufous Bush Robin but was unable to get a photo of it as it decided to scoot of around the corner of the rocks but another species for the list.

I carried on down the track and had several kestrel on the hill above me then a bird flew around the rock face and landed in shade about three quarters of the way up the face managed to get a good look in the bins and a Turtle dove was added to the list.

After reaching the old landfill site with only dragonflies for company I retraced my steps and saw a short toed eagle making it’s way from my position towards the river.

Kestrels were still overhead as I walked back to the car without any other birds but I did add an Ant Lion to my list of insect species.

I spent just over an hour at the site and added two new species to my turkish bird list which now stands at 107species so even though I wasn’t expecting much it was a worthwhile trip.

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2 Responses to A quick trip to the sewage works

  1. Peter Meyrahn says:

    I’m visiting Dalyan early August (the first week). Is this a way to come in contact to birders located around Dalyan, who can show me the turkish-birds in this area? It is a family-holiday trip of one week and I want to go birding some hours. I can speak german and english.
    Best Regards, Peter

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