Incidental bird watching

Having had a weeks bird watching in April, this visit was not a birding week but one of preparation for the summer, jobs on the house, painting, electrical work and the like. Birding opportunities were few and based on being out and about with my wife, mainly beach walks and a couple of walks past the football stadium and down to the river. Despite doing the beach walk on at least four occasions very little was seen down there, Yellow Legged Gulls, Crested Lark flitting around near the bars at the boat end of the beach and a Grey Heron the only birds seen on these occasions, though I have to say the walks though pleasurable, were purely for walking and not spent in serious pursuit of birding opportunities.
The walk on the road past the football stadium and birds seen around the house produced the usual suspects and nothing out of the ordinary (again I was not seriously looking) Hooded Crow, Olivaceous Warbler, White Wagtail, Green Finch and Black Bird. The exception to the fore mentioned birds were a pair of Rollers on the wires just past the stadia. Seen daily around the house were Collard Dove, House Martin, Swallows, Little Owl and an explosion of Jays (never seen so many) of course the Storks are present and sail majestically past at low level making their way to their nest. I did manage to get out early on two mornings, firstly taking in the Okçular Walk, well I say walk, I cycled to the 2 Mile mark (see image) and then followed the track on foot back to the two mile mark before cycling back to Dalyan . Almost immediately a pair of Red-Rumped Swallows circled above, a little further on a single Serin flitted up from the track, regular birds, Chaffinch, Great Tit and Long tailed Tits were seen on the walk. The Rollers were back nesting at the usual spot which was nice to see as when I was here last in April they had not yet returned, close by a pair of kestrels’ manoeuvred between the Rollers to gain access to their nesting site above the rock face.
My other early morning session was a trip to the ‘rocky outcrop’ again cycling there and then walking around the area. A word of advice , if you intend to cross the dyke so you can walk around the outcrop you would be advised to wear trousers, I wore shorts and had to turn back as the ‘thistle’ like plants are very overgrown. The trip down to the outcrop produced flocks of Goldfinch; a Black-headed Bunting was on the wires, Turtle Doves cooed in the trees that line the small hills on the track which leads to the outcrop. Down by the outcrop a Rock Nuthatch regularly visited its nest and I managed to get some record shots through my scope, though not in very good focus.
Incidental birding finished for the week I was lucky enough to get good views of a Scops Owl near the Mosque in the centre of Dalyan as it tried to see off a cat lurking around the trees nearby and that was it , a meal in town before flying home.

Something the early bird might get!

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