Quick Trips

October/November sightings

In October John Codling took a quick trip to the beach near Dalaman Airport, seeing Sanderling working the waves and there were a number of Kentish plover about also another wader similar to a greenshank but the bill wasn’t as long, so not sure what it was. John was pretty sure he saw a White-breasted Kingfisher on the river there but it was only a brief glimpse. If it was a White-breasted Kingfisher that would be great news for the region with two possible nesting sites, the Namnam River at Eskikoy and the Dalaman River where it enters the sea at Dalaman. Loads of birds on the lake near the airport but the guards don’t let you look there as it is near the military bit of the airport.

In November Denioguz a Turkish birder ,circumnavigated Köycegiz Lake by motorcycle, First day he went to Iztuzu beach  there was no anything special he says, the second day he went to Dalyan centre by the  hills he saw 7 birds chasing each other 2 Ravens, 2 Western Marsh-Harriers, 2 Common Buzzard, and 1 Common Kestrel . He didn’t take a boat up the lake but, instead used roads around the lake. On the road near Tepearasi saw Black Kite (see map) other birds seen:

Wren, Red-backed Shrike, Fan-tailed Warbler, Robin, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Redstart and Black Redstart, Jay, Kingfisher , Blackcap, Whiskered Tern.

You can see Denioguz great bird photos on the following link


All photos in this post by Denioguz

Location of Black Kite

Location of Black Kite

Black Kite

Black Kite

Floating Clouds

Floating Clouds

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