Up to the hills and down to the Valley


Up to the Hills and down to the valley.


A day trip via hire car taking in Çövenli Yalasi and Gökçeova Gül above Yayla Köyu both in the hills behind Köycegiz and returning to Dalyan to go to Kocadere valley. Set off at 6am and returned at 7pm. We will be putting directions to Çövenli Yalasi on the website www.dalyanbirding.com in the near future.


A word of caution although on the Google maps Çövenli Yalasi and Gökçeova Gül look close to each other, the road at the top of the mountains between these two sites is impassable in a normal car and you would need a 4×4, so you have to return to the main D400 road between Dalaman and Marmaris to go between the sites. The road up to Gökçeova Gül after Yala Koyu is a single narrow dirt track with steep inclines and drops and hairpin bends requiring caution, concentration and commonsense go up in second gear and come down in second gear!

Çövenli Yalasi  (C Y)

Gökçeova Gül above Yayla Köyu  (GY)

Walk One (Kocadere Valley) of Allan Fenn’s Book  (KV) http://www.okcular.net/walks_maps.html


Birds Seen

1) Swift  (CY GY)

2) Alpine Swift (CY)

3) Blackbird (ALL)

4) House Martin (ALL)

5) Little Owl (KV)

6) Collard Dove (CY KV)

7) Olivaceous Warbler (CY KV)

8) Great Tit (ALL)

9) Short Toed Eagle (CY)

10) Pied Wagtail (CY)

11) Yellow Wagtail (GY)

12) Masked Shrike (ALL)

13) White Stork (KV)

14) Black Stork (CY)

15) Rüpells Warbler (KV)

16) Swallow (ALL)

17) Red Rumped Swallow (ALL)

18) Hooded Crow (KV)

19) Rock Nuthatch (KV CY)

20) Krüper’s Nuthatch (CY)

21) Little Egret (KV)

22) Goldfinch (KV CY)

23) Greenfinch (CV CY)

24) Jay (ALL)

25) Whitethroat (ALL)

26) Lesser Whitethroat (ALL)

27) Hoopoe (CY)

28) Kingfisher (KV)

29) Redbacked Shrike (ALL)

30) Woodchat Shrike (ALL)

31) Turtle Dove (CY KV)

32) Kestrel (KV)

33) Sparrow Hawk (CY KV)

34) Gt Reed Warbler (KV)

35) Collard Flycatcher (GY)

36) Chukar (H) (CY)

37) Subalpine Warbler (GY)

38) Buzzard (KV)

49) Long Legged Buzzard (KV)

40) Gt Spotted Woodpecker (GY)

41) Blue Tit (ALL)

42) Roller (KV)

43) Coal Tit (CY)

44) Sombre Tit (CY)

45) Long Tailed Tit ( CY)

46) Crested Lark (KV)

47) Blackcap (CY KV))

48) Mistle Thrush (CY)

49) Redstart (GY)

50) Blackeared Wheatear (GY)

51) Northern Wheatear (GY)

52) Chaffinch (CY)








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